Tuesday, February 9, 2010

How to bribe or pay your readers

Today I will explain to you how one can bribe or pay his readers.

I don't mean here that you just offer them free content, good ideas or any e-book or report. Nope. I mean exactly what I say in the title, to give people money to do some task.

And please, who won't come here if you have some dollars to spend ? Imagine just how big is Google now because it pays the people ! Everyone sitting in front of his computer would just want to be paid. And you know why ? Because everyone in front of his computer is just sitting in his "comfort zone" and that will be a blessing for him to get paid while doing what he already does (navigating on the internet).

The lure of getting paid when just staying "home" is so powerful that it makes people to "almost work" for getting a mere dollar from their home-made webpage. All the internet became a garage-sale, anyone wants to sell everything to everyone around ... The problem is when one make it in a professional way. There start the troubles, too :) 

Because people don't want just to eat a burger, they want to eat in in a hut-like house, served by a nice dressed girl having on her chest a rounded letter "M" ...

On the other hand, they are likely to stay even in a basement for few hours, if that pays them off. I promise you that I would easily find a guy ready to register 100 new email addresses for one cent each !! That guy wouldn't hesitate to think 3-4 hours just to plan how to register in an automated way each email address, so that the entire job to get done in less than one hour, if possible !! So that we have a guy here ready to work to earn 1 dollar for 5 hours of work, don't you agree with me ?

Yes, that would be crazy actually ... I am sure such a guy will take the pain to do it just to earn that buck instead of asking it from someone else around.

Why people choose the hard ways in their life, I sincerely don't understand it !!

So, are you ready for the test ?

Are you ready to see how much people can get into this game ?

Well, let's get start it !!

I promise you, they will be with thousands !! OK, let's have first 100 comments paid with 1 cent each !

After that, let's have ten comments ( best of those 100 ), chosen by the voters ( other people that comment here ) to receive 10 cents each !

And finally, let's have best one to earn 1 dollar for his best comment (chosen by the others, too !)

I will give to the best one a chance, too : to delete 10 worst people from that list of 100, and to nullify their earnings (so he can take that bonus of 10 cents for himself)

The only condition to qualify is to put your website address in your post, and also to give us a good idea how to bribe or pay your readers. I will validate only the comments that comply to these rules. No off-topic allowed :)